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BBI Forms Partnership With Carta, Becoming The Leading Tech Advisory Firm in Construction

Press Release

Through their extensive network and partnerships, Big Blue is able to provide their clients with every resource they need to be successful, from IP protection and financing, to product development, marketing and sales.

Raleigh, NC – Feb 25th 2022, Big Blue Innovations, a leading Tech startup advisor & accelerator for the construction industry has recently become a Carta partner. This strategic partnership will allow them to bring their clients the best of Carta, at the lowest cost. Big Blue Innovations assists technology startup companies develop go to market strategies, organize R&D, execute product launch, and facilitate growth. Their current focus is construction and real estate technology, as well as assisting construction companies strategize around implementing technology as a core competency.

Carta is the world’s leading equity management and valuation software platform trusted by thousands of founders, investors, and employees. Companies manage their cap tables, issue securities, receive 409A valuations, manage equity holdings and ensure compliance using Carta. Through their new partnership with Carta, Big Blue is able to merge the best of emerging construction technology with cutting-edge venture capital strategies, to give their clients the competitive edge they need to succeed in any environment.

While Big Blue receives no incentives or commissions for Carta in this program, the company’s President Jay Snyder recently said, “A partnership with Carta makes a lot of sense for Big Blue Innovations and our clients. We work with some of the most advanced emerging technology companies, primarily in the aerospace, real estate, and construction industry. Investor interest in this space is active and healthy and it is important that our tech startup clients are organized, sophisticated and ready to manage their cap table as well as their investors equity in their business.”

According to Pitchbook Data, Inc., US VC-backed companies raised nearly $330 billion in 2021–roughly double the previous record of $166.6 billion raised in 2020. Construction and real estate tech saw similar growth in its sector. (

For the construction industry, BuiltWorlds tracked 78 deals with over 200 different strategic, in 2020. In 2021, they witnessed over 151 deals with 368 investors (nearly double the tracked activity from last year). A testament to the continued venture capital interest and tech R&D. (

One of Big Blue’s recent clients was quoted as saying, “Big Blue Innovations helped our team jump from startup to scale up. They provided guidance and resources to supercharge sales, operations, and investment so that we could accelerate our impact."

To learn more about Big Blue Innovations and their team of construction, real estate and finance professionals, visit their official website at

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